How To Use Preowned Cycles

Using Preowned cycles is a very simple process. If you just want to look around then you don't have to become a member. If you wish to sell an item or join the forum then you need to register. Registration is free. Just click the register button and follow the commands. Once you have done that you will have full access to the site. When you want to sell or swap an item click on the link and again follow the commands. It really is a simple process.

Important ; When uploading pictures, please make sure they do not exceed 7mb.

Once your advert goes live it will stay on the site for 180 days, if you sell your item you can remove the item from the site, its very simple.

This is not an auction site so when you place your advert, state the price you would like to receive for it, if you wish you can add an O.N.O next to it to indicate you may take an offer.

When the advert is placed we will take you through the payment process which is secure.

Items being sold have a fixed price structure which can be seen below. This is a one time payment per month with no commission taken after sales. Any item sold before the 60 day listing ends is not entitled to a refund.


          Bikes                                                                    180 day listings

          All Adverts                                                                  £4.95


          Parts & accessories

          All adverts                                                                  £4.95